Paternity leave in UAE

Paternity Leave In UAE: Leave Labour Law For New Fathers 2024

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) considers families to be the best place to welcome a new birth in the life. This goal is realized by giving fathers paid paternity leave. Paternity leave in UAE allows fathers to be more involved in childcare and family bonding during this time of major significance.

In this article we will present a detail overview of paternity leave in UAE. We will detail the requirements needed such as length of leave, eligibility and application procedure. You will learn who is eligible for paternity leave in UAE and the fight between parental leave vs paternity leave. Also, we will examine the advantages of this policy for both the fathers and the families.

What is Paternity leaves in UAE?

Paternity leave in UAE

Paternity leave in UAE permits dads to require time off job after the birth of their kid. This leave is important for bonding with the newborn as well as sustaining the mom. Dads are entitled to paternal leave under the UAE Labour Law, giving them the possibility to be proactively associated with looking after their kid.

In this nation, dads are normally given in between 3 to 5 days paternity leave in UAE. This period might differ relying on the business plans and also the work agreement. In fact some business might provide expanded paternal leave as component of their advantages plan.

Paternity leave advertises equal rights by sharing obligations in between moms and dads. As a result, paternal leave adds to producing an encouraging as well as supporting atmosphere for the family members.

Taking paternity leave for father can have a favorable effect on the health of both the dad and also the kid. It enables dads to bond with their newborn and offers dads the essential time to adapt to their brand-new function as a dad.

Finally, paternal leave in the UAE is a substantial advantage that recognizes the relevance of parenthood. Without a doubt it plays an essential duty in advertising family members health. Dads must benefit from this possibility to produce long lasting memories with their family members.

Importance of Paternity Leave in UAE

Paternity leave in UAE is very important for fathers, families, and employers for so many reasons:

  • For fathers it gives important time for bonding with their newborns. Dads can join very early day care as well as sustain the mom throughout postpartum. This reinforces the father-child partnership plus advertises psychological health for both.
  • Families benefit from increased parental involvement. Dads can share caregiving responsibilities, causing an extra well balanced as well as encouraging family members atmosphere. This can favorably influence kid advancement and also lower anxiety on the mom.
  • Employers can experience positive outcomes as well. Researches reveal that supplying paternal leave can enhance staff member retention, spirits as well as efficiency. It shows a dedication to worker health, promoting commitment as well as drawing in leading ability.

Nonetheless, the current 5 days paternity leave in UAE is fairly brief contrasted to various other nations. Prolonging the period might even more boost the advantages for dads, family members as well as employments in the UAE.

Benefits of Paternity Leave for Fathers in UAE 

Granting fathers the opportunity to take time off work to bond with their newborns can have numerous positive effects:

Firstly, paternity leave helps dads to have an equal share in the care of children from the very beginning. Researches shows that a dad’s active involvement when the baby is still young plays a significant role in his future.

Fathers who opt to take paternal leave from their jobs to welcome their newborns can help in improving the father-child relationship.

Moreover, fathers are capable of relieving mothers of their working monetarily and hence, the load reducing task is strictly shared.

The coming of a newborn within the home usually marks the introduction of great changes in the relationship patterns of its members. . By taking on caregiving responsibilities during the leave period, fathers can support their partners in adjusting to their new role as a mother.

Paternity leave has been also suggested to have positive influence on the mental state and well-being of fathers. Transition into becoming a dad can be a process that will be exciting at the same time full of challenges. The period of paternity leave when the father stays with the newborns and their mommy is invaluable.

Paternity leave in UAE is so beneficial, the impact it can have on gender equality is also much positive. Through such recognition, it sends a powerful message that parenting responsibilities should be shared between both parents. This ends the fight of parental leave vs paternity leave.

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Paternity Leave In UAE For Government Employees

Government employees benefit with 5 days paternity leave in UAE. This would also include federal and local employees. It can be administered in six months period from the time the child has born.

Previously, people who worked for government had only 3 days of paternity leave. The increase to 5 days is a message from the government about it is willingness to help families who earn their living. Thus, fathers who take paternity leave can build their relationship with the baby and they can boost their spouses.

Some local governments may be generous in their paternity leave policies as well as they grant more days than a standard leave. It is important for government employees to check with their specific employer to determine the exact details of their leave entitlement.

Effective management of work roles along with the family-based responsibilities is a daily problem for government workers. Paternity leave in UAE for government employees also provides fathers to give them the time to center on their families. Fathers who take their paternity leave may offer the strong support required during the early childhood period

Paternity leave in UAE for government employees implies the private sector, as of now the government is yet to confirm the extension of confiscation to the public sector.

Doing paternity leave, government employees can apply for this benefit by submitting the form to the human resources department. This leaves them with a guarantee that they will get accurate information which is up to date and related to their condition

Paternity leave in UAE for private sector

Paternity leave in UAE for private sector is still adapting to this global trend, acknowledging the significance of paternity leave for their male employees.

Unlike the public sector, which provides a generous 15 days of paternity leave, the private sector in the UAE is still catching up. Currently, the private sector only grants 3 days of paternity leave.

The UAE government is taking steps to improve the benefits for private sector employees. In January 2019, the UAE Cabinet approved a new legislation with 5 days. This move is seen as a positive development towards providing an equitable work-life balance.

The new legislation aligns the private sector with the public sector, which demonstrates the government’s commitment to gender equality and family-friendly policies. This extended paternity leave not only benefits fathers, but also promotes the well-being and emotional growth of children.

Therefore, it is crucial for the UAE private sector to continuously evaluate and update its policies regarding paternity leave. By offering longer periods of leave, employers can demonstrate their commitment to supporting fathers in their journey as parents.

Paternity leave in UAE for private sector is making strides towards recognizing the importance of paternity for its male employees. Ultimately, the greater emphasis on paternity leave in the private sector will lead to healthier families, happier employees, and a more inclusive society.

Paternity Leave As Per UAE Labour Law. 

In the UAE, paternity leave is a guarantee by the labour law. Consequently, brand-new dads are qualified to a specific number of days to be with their newborn and also sustain their companion. The leave is additionally paid indicating that dads will certainly obtain their regular salary throughout this moment.

This arrangement s a significant step forward in recognizing the importance of fathers in the upbringing of their children.

However, it is worth noting that three days of paternity leave may not be sufficient for some families.  In fact, some nations provide months of paternity leave. Therefore, there is still room for improvement in this area.

For that reason, as a result of the UAE labour law, brand-new dads can take 3 days of paid paternity leave within 6 months of their kid’s birth.

Additionally, moms in the UAE are qualified to 90 days of paid maternity leave better showing the UAEs dedication to sustaining functioning households.

Who is eligible for paternity leave in UAE?

To avail the paternity leave in UAE an employee must inform their employer in advance about their intention to take leave.

Employers have the right to request appropriate documentation such as:

  • A birth certificate, to verify the employees’ eligibility for paternity leave.

It is important for employees to prepare their paternity leave well beforehand to make certain a smooth transition plus reduce any kind of interruption to their job.

What is the duration of Paternity Leave in the UAE?

Fathers who work in the UAE have right to paternity leave as part of the benefits they receive. With these days they can take care of the little ones during the beginning period of parenthood.

Article 139 of the UAE Labour Law does not set the number of days of paid paternity leave as a mandatory demand. Many enterprises, however, provide 1-5 days of paid paternity leave. Others can add extra benefits such as a change of working hours or staying at home to work. Frequently this allows dads to find a way between work responsibilities and their families.

If the company has no leave rules on how to deal with baby care matters, employees can negotiate. However, the right to paternity leave does not in reality have a lot of variations from the employer to the employer. It is better to confirm the specified quantity and term with the relevant authorities in the company first.

For Private Sector

5 working days of paid leave are granted to new fathers, as per a recently passed law.
These 5 days can be taken anytime within the first 6 months after the child’s birth.

For Public Sector

3 days of fully paid leave is currently the available entitlement for male employees working with the Federal Government.

It is unclear whether the new private sector amendment will be applied to government employees.

Tips for new fathers planning to take paternity leave

Know your rights: Before you ask to take leave, ensure that you first read the latest regulations regarding paternity leave.

  • Plan ahead: Inform your workplace about your timing before the due date.
  • Communicate: Topics such as house chores and their payment, as well as the ability to own times and events.
  • Prepare your home: Develop a how-to-regain-balance room and pack the necessary supplies.
  • Focus on family: Now you have all the time you need. Leave your job and follow your heart. Spend more time with your baby and your partner.
  • Share responsibilities: Live your role as an active contributor to childcare and let your partner know you are a team.
  • Embrace self-care: First of all, invest in your own wellness, which is the foundation of everything.

Step-by-Step Guide: Applying for Paternity Leave in the UAE

Check Your Eligibility:

  • Private Sector: 5 paid working days after starting job within the first 6 month following the birth.
  • Public Sector (Federal Government): 3 days for full-timers (confirm whether the newly amended law extends to the full-timers).
  • Talk to your workplace or MOHRE for details in this respect.
  • Inform Your Employer: Tell them well ahead of time.
  • Submit Documentation (if required): As a rule, your job likely do not need you to do this by law, but your company may ask you for further documents.
  • Await Approval: Your employer will normally take care of your application even as early as possible.


  • This particular information is only a general line.
  • Detailed resource pools and procedures might be different among employers or sectors depending on the employer or sector.


Paternity leave in UAE

While the current duration of paternity leave in UAE is shorter than some developed nations, it represents a positive step forward for the region. Continued evaluation and adjustments can ensure the policy effectively meets the evolving needs of UAE families.

We hope that this article has helped you to know about this policy and who is eligible for paternity leave in UAE.  Remember to have all the requirements and know when you can apply for the paternity leave in UAE during probation period.

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