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Are you looking for a Emiratisation recruitment service in the UAE? Look no further! We are a leading provider of Emiratisation, with a proven track record of success in helping businesses to hire and retain top Emirati talent.

At Raad Recruitment, we understand the urgency and importance of meeting Emiratisation targets. Driven by our unwavering commitment to Emiratisation, Our Emirati recruiter specializes in recruitment connecting companies with exceptional Emirati talent within 24 to 48 hours.

We are the best emiratisation recruitment agency in UAE that ensure your company secures top-notch talent and maximizes compliance.

Emiratisation recruitment

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Unlock the Potential of Your Most Valuable Resource.
With RAAD Recruitment's Emiratisation Expert

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Empower Your Emiratisation Recruitment Journey With Our Expert

How Our Expertise In Emiratisation Recruitment Can Assist You

Proven Experts

With 10+ years of experience in emiratisation recruitment, we excel at hiring for high volumes and niche positions across diverse industries.

Strategic Partnerships

Partner with our trusted network of Emiratisation stakeholders, leveraging their expertise and influence to deliver tailored solutions for your business.

Compliance Assurance

Our Emiratisation recruitment consultants have in-depth knowledge of UAE employment laws, ensuring your hiring processes are cost-effective, compliant with goals.

Extensive Emirati Talent

Access our vast pool of highly qualified Emirati candidates, from entry-level graduates to experienced C-suite executives across all sectors.

Precision Screening

Empower your business with the best Emirati talent through our meticulous screening process, ensuring we find the perfect candidates to meet your specific demands.

Tailored Support Throughout

Partner with our dedicated Emiratisation recruitment team to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of hiring top Emirati talent.

emiratisation recruitment agency

Benefits Of Emiratisation Recruitment For Your Business In UAE

Emiratisation recruitment is the process of hiring Emirati nationals to work in the UAE. It is a national priority for the UAE government, and there are a number of benefits for both businesses and the UAE as a whole.
  • Increased productivity: Emirati employees are highly educated and skilled, and they can bring a fresh perspective to the workplace. This can lead to increased productivity and innovation for businesses.
  • Reduced reliance on foreign labor: It can help businesses to reduce their reliance on foreign labor. This can make businesses more resilient to economic shocks and can also help to reduce the costs associated with hiring foreign workers.
  • Improved reputation:┬áBusinesses that are committed to Emiratisation are often seen as being more socially responsible and supportive of the UAE community. This can lead to an improved reputation for the business and can make it more attractive to both customers and employees.


Empowering Your Business With Emirati Talent

Tailored Solutions

Our team customizes Staff Outsourcing services to precisely fit your unique needs, ensuring optimal workforce management strategies that align with your organization's goals.

Our Recruitment Process

With our efficient recruitment process encompassing thorough screening, assessment, and onboarding, we deliver high-quality staff who seamlessly integrate into your organization.

Cost Savings

By entrusting us with your staffing needs, you benefit from significant cost savings. Our Staff Outsourcing solutions eliminate recruitment expenses, employee benefits, and HR overheads.

Hiring Talent

Our team customizes Emiratisation Recruitment services to precisely fit your unique needs, ensuring optimal workforce management strategies.

Need Examining

We undertake a detailed assessment of the organization's talent requirements while keeping business objectives in mind.

Development of Talent

We provide training and development programs to Emirati applicants in order to improve their abilities and prepare them for the specific role

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Emiratisation bridging UAE's talent


Emiratisation Isn't Just About Numbers; It's About Empowering UAE Nationals

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Emiratisation Recruitment

Get Your Tailored Emiratisation Recruitment Services in Dubai

New Emiratisation laws for hiring Emiratis were introduced by the UAE government on July 11. Now, private firms with 20 to 49 employees must tap into the extraordinary power of Emirati talent. By 2024, your team should welcome one Emirati gem, escalating to two by 2025

That's where Raad Recruitment comes in, guiding you through compliance complexities. With our unwavering knowledge, we identify the best local talent, assuring a smooth legal journey. Benefit from the brilliance of these handpicked Emirati stars, poised to elevate your business to unprecedented success.

But hold on, the marvels don't stop there. With over a decade of proven excellence in Emiratisation, Raad Recruitment expertly matches your needs with top-tier candidates for high-volume positions and specialized roles. Our stringent screening process guarantees the perfect fit for your demands

Unlock the Potential of Your Most Valuable Resource.
With RAAD Recruitment's Emiratisation Expert

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Sectors We Work With

Oil & Gas
Connecting top talent in the oil and gas industry for success.
Banking & Finance
Recruiting finance professionals to drive financial growth.
IT & Technology
Finding skilled tech experts to stay ahead of the digital curve.
Health Care
Connecting dedicated healthcare professionals for better well-being.
Audit & Accounting
Ensuring financial transparency with skilled audit and accounting experts.
Sales & Marketing
Driving revenue growth and brand recognition with dynamic professionals.

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Our Success Story


“Raad Recruitment played an important role in helping us to achieve our Emiratisation goals. Their team of experts provided valuable guidance throughout the process, from initial strategy development to identifying and attracting top Emirati talent. My company was impressed with their in-depth knowledge of the Emirati workforce and their commitment to finding the perfect cultural fit for our company.”

Ahmed Al-Sheikh, CEO

“As a healthcare provider, building a diverse and culturally competent workforce is crucial. Raad’s emiratisation recruitment services exceeded our expectations. They helped us develop a tailored strategy that not only met compliance requirements but also ensured we attracted highly qualified Emirati candidates with the necessary skills and experience for the healthcare industry.”

Ayesha Mohammed, HR Manager

“As a growing startup, navigating the complexities of Emiratization seemed overwhelming. Raad Recruitment’s expertise and personalized approach made the entire process easy. They not only helped us source and recruit talented Emirati candidates but also provided ongoing support with onboarding and cultural integration. We’re grateful for their partnership in building a diverse and successful team.”

Khalid Hassan, Director

“Investing in Emirati talent was a strategic decision for our company, and Raad Recruitment was instrumental in making it a reality. Their Emiratization specialists conducted thorough market research and identified a pool of diverse and qualified candidates who perfectly aligned with our company culture and values. We’re impressed with their proactive approach and commitment to long-term success.”

Fatima Al-kaif, Marketing Director

“We partnered with Raad Recruitment specifically for their expertise in Emiratization. Their comprehensive approach, from understanding our specific needs to implementing a successful recruitment strategy, was invaluable. They helped us build a strong team of Emirati professionals who are contributing significantly to our company’s growth and innovation.”

James William, CEO
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Emiratisation FAQ's

Emiratisation is the process of increasing the number of Emirati nationals employed in the private sector. The purpose of Emiratisation is to create more job opportunities for Emiratis and to promote their profit-making participation.

All private organizations in the UAE with more than 50 employees must increase their Emiratisation rate by 2% for year. This means that companies must hire a exact number of Emirati nationals per year in order to meet their targets.

Companies that not meet their Emiratisation targets may be subject to fines. The amount of the fine will depend on the size of the company and the number of Emirati that the company is short of.

Emiratisation can help to reduce jobless among Emiratis. It can also help to encourage cultural understanding and social unity. In addition, Emirati can bring a unique perspective to the workplace, which can benefit businesses.

From our expert, You can start your emiratisation process by contact us.

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    Emiratisation recruitment

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      Emiratisation recruitment

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