Nafis Program

What Is Nafis Program: All You Need To Know About It

The Nafis Program (برنامج نفيس) is one of the significant initiatives in the UAE. This program spreads out the nation’s plan to stimulate work skills and local incorporation into the private sector’s labor market. Through the Nafis program UAE, the Emirati authorities seek not only to confirm improved participation of Emiratis in this quarter.

But also to ensure their long-term achievement and professional growth. This app is brilliant because of the multilateral approach. That is, it is designed to meet each of the needs of Emirati employees, and those of entrepreneurs in the private region.

In this article, we will give more insight into what is Nafis program (برنامج نفيس). All of this by providing details of its goals, structure, and benefits to Emirati residents and employers.

What is Nafis Program UAE?

Nafis Progran

  • Definition and History:

The Nafis program UAE is a strategic initiative that has been announced in the United Arab Emirates. All of this is under the list of the projects “50 Projects“. As a result, increasing the share of the Emirati people in the private sector.

  • Key Goals:

Its main goal is to have Emiratis occupy positions within the private sector. As a result, creating 75,000 jobs for Emiratis through 2025. Additionally, the program pursuits to enhance the emiratization charge in the private region to 10% over the identical length. Therefore, focusing on professional and information-primarily based roles.

  • Program Components:

Nafis has several initiatives and services as program components. This includes career advice, apprenticeship programs, wage support because these are the common recruitment challenges. This connects Emiratis with career opportunities in the private sector.

  • Employer Incentives:

Attractive incentives for the private sector employers taking part in the program, such as wage subsidies. As well as assistance in improving the quality of education and training programs for Emirati nationals.

  • Anticipated influence:

Through those measures, the Nafis program seeks not only to help with employment possibilities for Emirati residents. But also to make contributions to the long-term increase and competitiveness of the UAE economic system.

This approach is one more testimony of the UAE’s commitment to investment in its human capital. Consequently, as will develop a robust private sector that would underpin its overall economic and social development.

Main Objectives of Nafis Program

  • Contributing to a Higher Employability of Emiratis:

One of the core goals of the Nafis program is ensuring that Emirati citizens’ participation levels within the private sector labour market are raised to a significantly higher level.

  • Achieve Targeted Emiratization Percentage:

The program aims to witness a 10% Emiratization rate in the private sector by the year 2025. Therefore, targets have emiratis occupying 10% of private sector jobs in the country. To clarify especially those that are skill and knowledge-based.

  • Emirati Professional Development:

Nafis identifies the focus of the development of jobs and not only but also rightly places Emiratis in these posts through the packages of professional development and training.

  • Promotion of equality and diversity:

The policy also aimed at promoting equal opportunities to Emiratis in the private sector in ensuring that the citizens enjoyed a varied level of job opportunities.

To summarize, these objectives underlie the commitment of the Nafis program benefits toward strengthening the UAE’s labor market and marketing sustainable economic growth. As a result, imparting equitable opportunities for the expert improvement of its citizens.

Nafis Program Scheme

  • Diversity of Programs:

The Nafis Program scheme contains more than a few initiatives that are intended to deal with those distinguishing factors of the labor marketplace and expert development wishes of the Emiratis. This includes career guide packages, vocational education, and education guides in vital fields inclusive of the health area.

  • Major Programs:

Career support ranges from major Programs which include career guidance to apprentice schemes that offer Emiratis counseling and hands-on experience in the private sector. This is done through vocational training and memoranda of understanding with private employers to facilitate preparation programs.

  • Salary Subsidies:

Wage subsidy is an aspect of this program and is devised to offer essential monetary backing to Emiratis working within the private sector. It integrates benefits and subvention to cover parts of the salaries that would make hiring UAE nationals even more desirable to corporations.

  • Health Professional Development:

It draws out the dedication that was carried out to the enhancement of one hundred thousand Emirati healthcare employees in the next five years, showing a special focus on sectors that are crucial for UAE’s economic tomorrow and well-being.

  • Unified Recruitment Portal:

It shall comprise a job portal system that facilitates the employment of citizens by connecting them with private sector job opportunities through a well-structured platform through which the process of application and selection is achieved on behalf of the applicant and for the employer.

To summarize, these efforts are indicative of an approach towards the employment empowerment of Emirati citizens. Consequently, providing a large array of supports and services designed to enhance employability, expert competencies, and access to significant work possibilities inside the private sector.

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What are the benefits of Nafis Program for employers?

The Nafis Program does not only benefit Emirati candidates, there are tremendous rewards for employers, as well. For example:

  • Wage Subsidies and Financial Support:

Employers taking part in the Nafis Program can take advantage of wage subsidies and other financial help for the salaries of Emirati hires. This reduces the monetary burden on organizations and makes the employment of Emirati nationals more appealing.

  • Access to a Skilled Workforce:

Nafis (نفيس) offers education and expert development programs that prepare Emiratis for the labor market, providing employers with access to a more professional and competitive local workforce.

  • Improved Corporate Image:

By participating in the program and supporting Emiratization, organizations can enhance their corporate image and reputation within the UAE.

  • Training Program Development Support:

Nafis also assists employers in developing and implementing training and professional development programs. Consequently, ensuring that the skills of their workforce are aligned with business needs.

  • Facilitation of the Recruitment Process:

Through the UAE Nafis program’s unified recruitment portal, employers have more direct and easy access to qualified Emirati candidates.

  • Sector-Specific Incentives:

For specific sectors, the UAE Nafis program provides unique incentives including additional support, along with grants to educational institutions for high-demand training to help develop specialized skills critical for their growth and competitiveness.

Boost the Competitiveness of Emirati Talent

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  • Skills enhancement and schooling:

The Nafis Program focuses on enhancing the capabilities of Emirati specialists through targeted education. In addition, expert development packages are also often available.

  • Tailoring to market wishes:

By identifying vital and growing sectors within the UAE economic system, Nafis tailors its schooling programs to train Emirati residents in excessive-demand fields.

  • Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship:

By presenting grants and assets to Emiratis interested in entrepreneurship. Nafis contributes to a way of life of innovation and creativity.

  • Collaboration with the private zone:

Nafis ensures that the education and professional development of Emiratis is relevant. As a result, your competitiveness and attractiveness in the eyes of employers increases.

  • International reputation:

The packages and certifications furnished under Emiratisation Nafis search for not only the most effective popularity regionally but additionally across the world. This opens doors to opportunities throughout the sector, also improving its popularity within the labor market.

These methods spotlight the Nafis Program’s determination to strengthen and sell Emirati talent. Consequently, getting ready to meet the demands of the UAE activities market. Also to compete and stand out in the global market.

Opportunities for Emirati Talent Upskilling

  • Continuing training packages:

The Nafis program benefits give Emirati specialists access to a huge variety of training and professional development possibilities. This consists of specialized publications and certifications in key sectors, ensuring that Emiratis can stay competitive in a continuously evolving activity marketplace.

  • Adaptability to new technologies:

Focusing on digital and technological capabilities, Nafis prepares Emiratis for the challenges and opportunities of the digital economic system. Training programs are designed to equip individuals with capabilities in rising fields along with synthetic intelligence, cybersecurity, and statistical analysis.

  • Partnerships with educational establishments:

Nafis establishes partnerships with universities and educational establishments domestically and around the world, imparting Emiratis opportunities to enhance their instructional and expert qualifications. This ensures fine education relevant to market requirements.

  • Access to worldwide experiences:

Through commercial enterprise and internship packages around the sector. Nafis gives Emirati talent the possibility to benefit from worldwide experience.

  • Entrepreneurship and self-employment initiatives:

In addition, to technique training, Nafis fosters entrepreneurship among Emiratis by providing belongings, mentoring, and funding for new groups. This encourages innovation and enables Emiratis to create new employment opportunities for themselves and others.

These Nafis Program (برنامج نفيس) spotlight the willpower to the ongoing improvement of the Emirati group of workers. Ensuring that it stays at the vanguard of worldwide labor marketplace trends and demands.

Emiratis’ Career Empowerment

  • Personalized career steering:

The Nafis Program gives professional guidance to Emiratis. Consequently, supporting them to select their pursuits and talents and aligns them with professional opportunities inside the market. This allows Emiratis to make knowledgeable decisions about their professional vacancies.

  • Career transition guide:

For Emiratis searching to exchange or enhance careers Nafis offers packages. This includes access to instructional guides on new skills and enterprise practices. Facilitating a clean transition to new roles or sectors.

  • Encourage leadership and management improvement:

Through specialized workshops and mentoring packages. Nafis promotes the improvement of leadership and management abilities amongst Emiratis. The purpose is to help the following generation of leaders and heads of UAE commercial enterprise companies.

  • Connecting to employment possibilities:

The Nafis portal acts as a bridge between Emiratis and employers, imparting direct access to vacancies within the private sector. In this way, Emiratis’ knowledge is visible to groups seeking to lease, growing their chances of employment.

  • Incentives for self-employment and innovation:

Nafis encourages Emiratis to discover self-employment and innovation via help programs for start-country and entrepreneurs. This consists of access to funding, workspaces, and enterprise mentoring, empowering Emiratis to take ownership of their professional cognizance.

Empowering Emirati careers through the Nafis Program underscores the importance of providing a full variety of help and belongings. This ranges from preliminary profession steering to better skill development. Therefore, ensuring long-term professional achievement and pride.

Equality in the Workplace

  • Promoting Diversity in the Workplace:

The Nafis Program is dedicated to fostering an inclusive work environment in the UAE’s private sector. This includes ensuring that Emiratis from particular backgrounds have an equal opportunity to make a contribution and thrive within the place of business.

  • Equal employment possibilities:

Through its numerous initiatives, Nafis works to take away barriers to employment faced by Emirati residents. This is by means of making sure identical access to vacancies and professional development opportunities within the private vicinity.

  • Support for gender equality:

Nafis also places special emphasis on gender equality, promoting the participation of Emirati women in the team.

  • Elimination of discrimination in employment:

The program applies standards and practices aimed at ending any form of discrimination. Whether or not based completely on age or any other feature. This creates a more equitable and effective work area for all.

  • Inclusion of people with disabilities:

Nafis strives to encompass people with disabilities inside the hard work market. Presenting them accessibility and the necessary aids for his or her lively participation. This displays this technology’s commitment to complete inclusion for the set of skills.

Equality in the workplace is a central issue of the Nafis Program. Which emphasizes the importance of an inclusive and respectful environment for sustainable monetary development within the UAE. This approach not only benefits Emiratis but also improves the organizational lifestyle and regular competitiveness of the country’s businesses.


Nafis Program

In the end, the Nafis Program (برنامج نفيس) is part of the UAE’s dedication to the sustainable improvement and well-being of its residents. Through this program, the UAE sets an example and demonstrates that investment in human capital is essential. If you need help related with emiratisation recruitment agency or with this process, contact us or check our insights section!


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