Nafis Emirati Salary Support Scheme

Nafis Emirati Salary Support Scheme: Ultimate Guide 2024

Emiratisation became the building block to encourage employment among the UAE citizens. This holds the employers accountable for hiring the Emiratis on the team. However, for this, they need assistance financially and by other means. The UAE government brought the Nafis Emirati Salary Support Scheme to facilitate the businessmen in the private sector. Maintaining the progressive job system, this scheme was beneficial for both workers and employers.

Following this article, you will get an idea of this well-planned structure.

Nafis Emirati Salary Support Scheme

What is the Nafis Emirati Salary Support Scheme?

The UAE has a financial incentive program called the Nafis Emirati Salary Support Scheme. With wage top-ups, it seeks to increase the appeal of recruiting Emirati nationals for private enterprises. Both recent graduates and current workers who fulfill specific requirements are eligible for this perk. The Nafis program increases marketability by helping to close the pay gap between an Emirati worker’s present and desired salaries.

This scheme was followed by the game-changing Nafis program that promotes employment of citizens in public and private sectors imposed by the government of UAE.  The official entities of the federal government announced this strategic plan back in 2021, providing incentives in the form of the Dubai Nafis Emirati Salary Support Scheme to employers to make them hire more Emirati in their respective enterprises. Also, this initiative was designed to accomplish the goal of generating 75000 job opportunities in the private sector by 2025.

Moreover, this program is the part of initially launched project “Project 50” which was introduced for the lifestyle development of employees.  With the implementation of this plan, a vast number of UAE nationals get the chance to prove their skills and pursue their career. This also defines the goal of the government to increase 10% of emiratisation in the private sector by 2025, placing the workers in skilled and knowledge-based roles. Whereas, 2% is the current value that should be considered for commercial purposes.

Benefits for Emirati Job Seekers

This financial help works as the driving force for the employees who are looking for perfect roles. In many ways, this gravitates towards the benefits of workers which results in the rise and growth of their careers.

Increased Earning Potential

In two ways, the Nafis Salary Support Program raises the earning potential of Emirati nationals employed in the private sector in the United Arab Emirates:

Direct financial supplement: The program makes up the difference between an Emirati’s pay as it is now and what it should be paying them given their position and level of expertise. Because of this, they can demand a bigger total income than what the private corporation could have initially offered.

Greater competition in the job market: Emirati professionals may bargain for greater base pay since they know they have a safety net in place thanks to Nafis’ financial support. This gives individuals the freedom to look for possibilities that better fit their background and professional objectives.

This is an explanation of how it functions:

  • Target wage: Based on variables such as industry, employment function, and educational attainment, the program has set wage standards.
  • Wage Gap: Nafis pay the difference (up to a certain limit) if an Emirati’s current wage is less than the objective for their position.

Enhanced Job Opportunities

It improves Emirati nationals’ employment prospects indirectly in two ways.

  1. The scheme motivates employers to consider Emirati workers for available positions by making them more financially appealing to them through wage top-ups. This creates parity for Emirati applicants who may otherwise be passed over because of what is seen to be a greater income requirement.
  2. The plan encourages companies to take part in the Nafis initiative overall. This larger program provides several activities, including venues for recruiting and training. This expands the pool of possible employers actively looking to hire Emirati talent by drawing additional businesses to Nafis. For Emirati nationals, this means additional employment options in the private sector in the United Arab Emirates.

Benefits for Businesses in the UAE

The Nafis Salary Support Program offers a multitude of advantages for businesses in the UAE, particularly those actively engaged in Emiratisation recruitment services. As will be explained below, these benefits can be substantial and include reduced costs, increased access to qualified Emirati talent, a more highly trained workforce, and improved government standing.

Attract Top Emirati Talent

First off, using Emirati labor is less expensive with Nafis. Pension refunds are one of the program’s benefits, and they may dramatically reduce the cost of employment—particularly for entry-level jobs. Because of this, businesses are still able to retain good profit margins and provide competitive pay.
This scheme also broadens the talent pool. Businesses may access a larger pool of competent Emirati individuals by taking part. With programs like minimum wage in Dubai assistance plans and child allowances, the program also increases the appeal of the private sector to Emirati job seekers. A greater standard of applications overall may result from this increased competition for talent.

Second, Nafis cultivates a workforce with more expertise. Employees in the program frequently have access to chances for training and development. This guarantees that they possess the abilities and credentials required to succeed in the private sector. Companies gain from having a staff that is more effective and productive as a consequence.

Reduce Hiring Costs

By closing the pay gap between an Emirati candidate’s current income and their desired compensation, the Nafis Emirati Income Support Scheme assists employers in the United Arab Emirates in lowering hiring expenses. Because of this, hiring Emirati employees doesn’t break the bank and increases their competitiveness in the labor market. Through the scheme, businesses may successfully reduce their total employment costs by granting cash top-ups on the wages of qualified Emirati employees, hence increasing the appeal of hiring local talent.

This assistance streamlines recruiting, saving companies money on related expenses and freeing them up to concentrate on the essentials of selecting the best candidate for the position.

Eligibility Criteria

The Nafis Emirati Salary Support Scheme in UAE has two categories of qualifying requirements: one for employers (enterprises) and one for workers (Emirati citizens).

Regarding Emirati nationals (workers):

  • Nationality: A UAE citizen is required.
    Salary Range: Currently making up to 30,000 AED a month or less.
    Job Status: Work full-time in the private sector in the United Arab Emirates.
    Training Participation: Being open to taking part in the scheme’s training program (which may vary).

Regarding Companies (Employers):

  • Program Participation: Complete the Nafis program registration process.
  • Compliance: Meet the requirements of the plan by making sure that Emirati employees are properly registered and that wage top-up procedures are followed.

Application Process For Both Parties

Emirati citizens looking for work do not need to submit a formal application to avail of this setup. However, here’s how job seekers from Emirati nations may take advantage of the setup:

For Employees:

  1. Registering on the Nafis digital platform is the first step. This step will connect the aspiring workers with hiring firms.
    2. After registering, fill up a detailed profile. Your abilities, credentials, professional experience, and educational background should all be highlighted in your profile. You will need to make yourself more visible to potential employers by structuring your profile to reflect certain employment preferences.
  2. Companies taking part in this initiative can access job advertisements through the Nafis portal. You may look for jobs according to your region, industry, degree of experience, and income range.
  3. Usually, you may apply straight through the Nafis platform when you come across a job posting that suits you. This guarantees that your application reaches the appropriate employer and makes the entire application processing feasible.
  4. Nafis frequently works with other initiatives that provide Emirati job seekers with training and development possibilities. Get the assistance of these courses to improve your abilities and make you more marketable to employers.

For Employers:

To benefit from the program and receive financial support for Emirati employees’ salaries, companies should follow these general steps:

  1. Sign up to take part in this program directly. You may use your UAE Pass to enter the portal of the official website (
  2. Demonstrate a readiness to recruit and retain Emirati personnel. This might require going over your hiring procedures to make sure they are impartial and accessible to eligible Emirati applicants.
  3. After registering, become acquainted with the particular guidelines of the Salary Support Program. This demands correctly registering Emirati workers for the program and adhering to rules around wage top-ups.
  4. Find and hire Emirati talent who satisfy the program’s eligibility requirements (usually a wage range and full-time work status).
  5. To be eligible for financial help, Emirati workers may need to provide particular wage details, depending on the structure of this set-up.


This all-inclusive incentive package is certainly going to streamline and support the employment system as an entire system. This is specially designed to find the top Emirati talent and assist in meeting their financial needs. Therefore, the country’s thriving economic spectrum depends on compliance with this salary support program.
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