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How To Prepare Resignation Letter In UAE With Samples?

If you are considering your job, you need a resignation letter sample UAE to write it with the right content. In addition, you must comply with the established deadlines since, in the country, it requires a reasonable amount of time to resign. Likewise, good writing of this type of document shows professionalism, consideration, and respect for the company.

In this article, we will help you understand everything that a resignation letter sample with reason should contain and the benefits of it. Also, we will show you some templates for resignation letters so that you can write one if you take this step in your company.

What is a resignation letter in the UAE?

resignation letter sample UAE

A resignation letter sample UAE is a document that an employee uses to express his or her willingness to leave his or her job. In this case, it must contain clear information indicating your data, your position in the company, the date, and the reason for the resignation. Furthermore, a well-written document of this type demonstrates your professionalism and opens up future opportunities.

Thus, this letter should be formal and clearly express your intentions to leave your job and your gratitude to your superiors. Additionally, a resignation letter allows you to comply with labor law by providing advance notice to your employer.

Benefits of writing a good resignation letter

A properly written resignation letter sample in the UAE with all the requirements helps you get various benefits. Below you can see a detailed list of how a professionally written resignation letter can help you:


Through a resignation letter, you show your professionalism, both to your employer and to your co-workers. The above is because you demonstrate the seriousness of the matter and that you comply with the laws of the UAE.

Clear Communication

Through a resignation letter sample 1 month notice, you can establish clear communication with your employer. In this way, the company can take appropriate precautions and thank you for establishing effective communication. Therein lays the importance of sending this letter to your superiors with adequate notice.

Positive Relationships

This type of letter also allows you to maintain good relations with the company you work for. For this reason, it is important to thank the company in your resignation letter for the time, opportunities, and other benefits you consider. Plus, it helps you maintain a good reputation, which can open up other opportunities in the future.

Smooth Transition

A Resignation letter sample UAE that meets all the requirements, helps the transition. Therefore, the employer will appreciate the gesture as it helps him plan and manage the transition well in advance. Therefore, it helps the company in a smooth transition and also allows it to maintain the workflow.

Potential Benefits

Thanks to the above aspects, a well-written resignation letter also helps to obtain other benefits. In this case, it will serve for future references in the new job and professional opportunities that you will obtain.

What information should a resignation letter include?

Regardless of whether you deliver it physically or by mail, a resignation letter sample UAE should include basic details. For example, you should include the date of completion of the resignation, the reason, thanks, and other relevant details. Therefore, we offer you what relevant information you should provide through a resignation letter:

Contact Information

To begin with, a simple resignation letter sample UAE should include a header with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

In this way, the employer identifies the issuer of the letter and information to contact him in the future if necessary.


In addition to the personal details, you must include the date of delivery of the letter just below them. This way, the recipient can know the date and see if it meets legal notice standards.

Recipient Information

Before sending a resignation letter sample UAE, you must know to whom you should address it to comply with the formality. Therefore, once you know this information, include the name, title, and company name.

Resignation Statement

Although it is not strictly necessary for you to give all the details of the reasons for your resignation, you can briefly describe it. This helps keep your employer clear of the reason for your decision and avoids misunderstandings. In addition, many employers appreciate receiving a resignation letter sample with a reason to evaluate some aspects of the company.

Last Day of Work

In addition to the delivery date, you must provide a completion date for your work under labor laws. In this case, in the Emirates, you must provide at least 30 days of notice before or according to the employment contract in UAE. Therefore, you cannot submit a resignation letter sample UAE without notice as they will not consider it.

Gratitude (Optional)

Although working in a company can have its ups and downs, it is professional to be grateful for the opportunities received. Furthermore, despite not having achieved all of his goals, he surely gained experience in his field. Therefore, try writing a thank you to your employer for the opportunity to work at the company.

Additionally, you can offer personalized thanks to certain people within the organization. However, this part of the resignation letter is only optional, so you can skip it based on your criteria.

Transition Assistance

Thanks to the notice period set out in the Resignation letter sample UAE, there can be a smoother transition into your position. In this case, it is about not leaving pending tasks in the role you have been developing in the company. In this way, it allows you to leave a professional image by helping the company transition.

This way, it helps the company provide your replacement with the necessary job information. Therefore, if you wish, you can specify that you will help with the transition in your resignation letter.

Signature and Typed Name

Finally, you must enter your name and your signature to dismiss the resignation letter, although you can first enter the word Sincerely. In this way, you once again show your professionalism and gratitude, and respect towards the recipient and the company. Also, remember to review all the details of your resignation letter and look for errors to correct them in time.

Sample of Resignation Letters in the UAE

To write one of these documents properly, it is good to have a resignation letter sample UAE. This type of help will help you if you do not know how you should write the letter or what you should put in it. Therefore, we offer you two examples of both a simple and formal letter to declare your resignation from a company:

Sample resignation letters both simple and formal

To resign from your job early, you can provide a simple letter like the one below:

[Your name]

[Contact information]

[Company name]

[Company address]

[Date of letter]

Dear [Full name and title of sender]

(Example of simple message)

Please accept my letter of resignation from my [position] position, which I have performed satisfactorily for [time spent in the company]. I am writing this letter to comply with what was agreed in my contract to previously notify my resignation to make it effective on [Date].

[In this part you can add the reason for resignation]

I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be part of the workforce of the company and for the experience gained. Additionally, I would like to wish the company continued successes that we have achieved together during my years of service.


[Your name and signature]

More elaborate Resignation letter sample UAE

A Resignation letter sample UAE can also be more elaborate as it contains more details in the content.

[Your name]

[Contact information]

[Date of letter]

[Company name]

[Company address]

Dear [Full name and title of sender]

This letter is to inform you of my decision to resign from the position of [Job Name] at [company name]. Also, in compliance with my contract, I inform you that my last day in the company will be [Completion date].

However, before retiring permanently I want to complete the projects I have worked on as much as possible. Furthermore, I would like to lend my collaboration to make a smooth transition.

I would also like to thank the company for trusting me and allowing me to work for so long. [You may add other personal thanks.] Additionally, you can contact me if you would like additional information or have any questions regarding the projects I work on.

[You can add reasons for resignation]


[His sign]

[Typed name]

Factors you should consider when resigning from your job

Before thinking about submitting a resignation letter sample for personal reasons or other reasons, you should consider the reasons for it. Below you can see details of the factors to consider before a resignation:

Finance Stability

If you feel that you have sufficient reasons to leave your job, you will most likely consider quitting as soon as possible. However, you should consider the financial aspects before making a hasty decision as you could be left in a difficult situation. So before you decide to quit, you should consider things like:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Insurance premiums
  • Childcare costs
  • Other invoices

Also, consider that if you do not have a new job secured after you quit, it may take time to find one. Therefore, review your finances and analyze the amount of time you will spend without a job.

Job Market Outlook

Before you think about quitting, you should first know what the current job market situation is like in the UAE. This includes opportunities in the specific position you want to work in or that is related to your profession. This is because if you resign, without knowing these details, in a difficult work situation, it would result in a mistake.

You can research prospects in your field and talk to your colleagues about those prospects. In this way, you can avoid a prolonged period of unemployment and later find yourself in a desperate situation.


Before handing over a resignation letter sample UAE, consider whether the decision can benefit you. For example, if the company or job you are currently in does not offer you growth opportunities. It may also seem like a good idea if you do not make adequate earnings for the position or if you cannot manage the work schedule.

Additionally, there may be other valid reasons for leaving a job that does not meet your expectations. However, you must trust your ability to find a job that meets your needs. However, weigh the benefits of leaving your job against the risk that comes with making such a momentous decision.

Current Job Satisfaction

It is very difficult for a person who is satisfied with their job to resign, but otherwise, the first thought is resignation. This can occur due to the work environment, career, or even the perspective of the worker. Thus, if going to work represents a moment of stress for you, you can consider resigning, but not before looking at other alternatives.

Career Goals

If you do not consider carefully before handing in a resignation letter sample in the UAE, it could affect your career prospects. For example, it can be a negative point on your CV to leave a job after a short time. Therefore, think about when you want to leave your job and how it could affect your career.

Health and Well-being

Despite being in a job with a good financial outlook, if the pressures get to you, you may consider quitting. The most important thing is your health and well-being, so a job, no matter how well-paid, cannot be a priority over your health. Thus, if you think your health is declining because of work, consider changing jobs or looking for job improvements.

However, leaving a job without a real option to change can further affect your physical and mental health. Therefore, we recommend that you think carefully about your decision to resign, taking into consideration your health status.


Aside from valid reasons for resignation, ideally, you would have a solid offer from another company. In this way, you can protect yourself from several aspects that we have already mentioned, such as the financial aspect. However, if you have no other alternatives, it is best to refrain from giving up your position in the company.

Hence, try not to get rid of your only current source of income until you find a new one.

How RAAD recruitment Assist you in Contract Resigning?

resignation letter sample UAE

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