sick leave in uae

Sick Leave In UAE As Per Labour Law 2024

The sick leave in UAE is a crucial aspect of labor law, that ensures the well-being and productivity of workers. Employers must follow specific regulations regarding sick leave to protect workers rights and maintain a healthy work environment.

In this article, we will describe the primary elements of the sick leave in UAE as per labour law. We will cover subjects such as the duration, how to calculate it, how many you have per year, and more. Furthermore, we will offer some ideas on just how to handle sick leave efficiently and also prevent disagreements.

What does sick leave in UAE mean?

sick leave in uae

The sick leave in UAE is a period of absence from work caused by an sickness, ailment or injury.  The labor law stipulates that is a legal right for the workers in UAE.

Sick Leave in UAE is one of the most significant elements of the labour relation frame. It affords safety and the well-being of the employees while at work and safeguards them from all kinds of hazards.

  • The Labor Law provides a constitutional provision stating that an employee is entitled to sick leave after three months of continuous service.
  • The contract of employment must have specifies that employees receive paid sick leave.
  • If the document is not stating the sick leave, the law of UAE Labour stipulates for a minimum of 14 days of sick leave paid per year. Employees can take a number of days off right in a row or disperse them throughout the year.
  • The employee must present a medical certificate from the government accredited health-care center to assert their entitlement to sick leave. Those who are absent for more than approximated number of days will do it with the approval of their employers.
  • The company cannot fire employees solely based on taking days off with a sick leave. Nevertheless, workers must show a disciplined application of their sick leave allowing them not to abuse it. If a worker abuses the sick leave, then they might face some kind of disciplinary action.

Get informed about how many sick leave per year in UAE before apply for one.

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Importance For Both Employees And Employers

Employee and employers in UAE need sick leave to ensure their wellness and business effectiveness.

  • Employees who are feeling sick require rest and recoup and the policy of sick leave in UAE is what helps them to take the necessary time off to get better.
  • Moreover, employers also benefit from paid leave provisions. Employees are less likely to come to work sick spreading contagious diseases and reducing productivity levels. This is particularly true in view of the fact that employees who come to work sick spend more time on breaks.

However, letting the sick employees absent can elevate the workplace productivity. Some extra, this can reduce the sickness rate around employees.

Numerously, the sick leave is part of the legal rights which the employees gets as in the UAE itself. Creation of the regulations that the employers follows that govern sick leave is a must. But offices as well stand to gain if they offer the provision of sick leave as this encourages a balanced and supportive atmosphere.

Both seekers and given individuals should be on the same page in the healthy environment and should appropriately use the absence.

In truth it is a way of sick leave which employees express their satisfaction and loyalty too. The loyalty being one of the crucial attributes of the team, supporting the employees when going through illnesses helps them to stay on the same side.

Nevertheless, it is essential for the employees to be completely honest to their companies concerning the needs they have when absent because of the contagious disease. Therefore, for employees, as well as for employers, it is vital to see the magnitude and the value which is sick leave in UAE.

For Employees

Financial Security:

  • Workers are at an advantage as they get paid for the first 15 days of their sick leave. Employees are often asked to cover the cost of medical bills on their own.
  • Financial challenges that often accompany severe illness.

Improved Health Outcomes:

  • Workers may as well have the luxury to do zero working when body is in need of rest. The money paid by the company would be their only concern.
  • Hence, they have the chance to ensure full rest and recovery from work or the risk of returning to work too soon often complicates or relapses of the condition.

Reduced Workplace Spread of Illness:

  • Sick workers can opt to utilize their days off and thus safeguard co-workers from the spread of the illness.
  • This measures the health of the other employees.
  • This, in turn, both enhances the performance level of individual workers. Aldo limits the company’s costs related to downtime by minimizing potential work delays.

For Employers

While sick leave in the UAE comes with mandated payments to employees, it offers several advantages to employers as well:

  • Reduced transmission of illness. The provision of sick leave implies home rest, lowers the chance of spilling the disease in the workplace. Also, can prevent decrease of production.
  • Improved employee morale and loyalty. Hence, employers have the responsibility to illustrate that their workers are important by offering paid sick leave.
  • Increased productivity and focus. Employees who are referred to as unwell tend to be unable to meet the workplace expectations.

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Duration of UAE Sick Leave

How many days sick leave in UAE? Is a very common question. The length of total sick leave an employee gets in the UAE depends on his/her number of years in the company.

  • Mirroring the company’s policy, workers with less than two months of tenure are eligible for sick day of 15 days.
  • The person who has been employed for between three and six months now can use 30 days of their sick leave.
  • People having in excess of half year service have the chance to apply up to 90 days of sick leave.
  • If a given employee runs out of their available medical leave. The employee can opt to take unpaid leave.
  • Employees once sick should notify their employers immediately to require no-cost leave granted on presentation of a medical certificate.
  • Illness can extend the sick leave duration for one to get more time for recovery and therefore it is best to grant an additional allowance.
  • Maximum sick leave in UAE: 90 days per year. This applies after the employee has successfully completed their probationary period.
  • Mostly Non-UAE citizens get up to 10 days sick leave per annum. This is the personal time off grant by the government.  The employee will only uses this ‘time off’ when he has an illness such as a cold, the flu, or when he requires medical attention

Under some circumstances, the company may not reward employees with sick leaves and may instead punish them for taking sick leave. This could happen if the employee works with another company while on sick leave or if the sickness is caused by the employees misbehavior or irresponsibility.

Full Pay Leave

In UAE, employers nor obliged to give to their employees sick leave with pay. Although the sick leave in UAE Labour Law sets out allowances for workers, the eligibility conditions are more drawn-out and complex.

  • For the initial 15 days, the payment are fully paid. This in simple terms implies the that the employee has the right to receive their full salary during this period.
  • How many sick leave per year in UAE?. Complying with this policy, employees who have completed their period are eligible to 90 days of leaves taken up at once or during intervals throughout the year.

Half Pay Leave

  • For the next 30 days the employee gets half of the pay. In short, their salary is cut by half.

Such aid is accessible for a longer time, but at the same time is motivating an earlier resumption of the activities.

Unpaid Leave

  • The rest 45 days of sick leave are unpaid. During this period, the employer does not pay the employee.

It is worth mentioning that employees should make sure that they inform their manager within three days of their illness. Also, needs to provide medical documents in order to validate their absence.

Who is eligible for sick leave under UAE labour law?

An employee is eligible for a sick leave when they meet these circumstances of the labor law in the UAE.

  • The probation period should have come to an end, and the employee should have gained relevant experience working in the organization. This implies that the company must have done entry-period jobs, which generally take about three months.
  • Consequently, The employee must actually be ill or hurt, and medical professionals must document the injury/illness. Such persons have to submit the appropriate medical document (issued by the licensed medical expert) within the next two days of their unfortunate situation.
  • At the end of the leave entitlement, the employee shall receive the maximum period of 90 days. If you are interested you should know how many days are sick leave in UAE before apply for one.

Who is not eligible for sick leave under UAE labor law?

The UAE labor law have two groups of employees that should not get the paid sick leave in UAE.

  • The employees who are still in their probation period have no right to sick pay. The probationary period evaluates the performance of individuals offered a work position and determines whether they are the right person for the role.
  • Second, employees do not get paid sick leaves without showing any reports of their poor habits. For instance, it could be about an employee who gets sick by drinking alcohol or taking drugs and the employer considers the individual liable for the illness.

How to calculate sick leave in UAE?

Here is how to calculate sick leave in the UAE:

Eligibility and Duration:

  • The system assures that the employees get 90-days sick leaves on yearly basis right after finishing probation period.
  • Leaves are now available as a continuous or an intermittent option throughout the year.

Pay During Leave:

  • The first 15 days off paid of sick leave are to full salary.
  • For every 30 days of paid leave, you can get the half of your wages.
  • If illness extends beyond the 45 days, the company does not pay any employee during the illness.

Additional Information:

  • Employees should as soon as possible. After falling sick or within the next three days they inform their employer and provide a medical certificate if their absence is of less than three days.
  • The employee can not be fired during the sick leave period, unlike the employer who can do it.

It is essential to understand that highlights are a general recommendation for an individual contract. The specific details may change in accordance with the type of UAE employment contract a particular person is getting.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can go ahead and consult with your employers or you can also go to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization for a clarification.

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Application Process and Documentation

This are the documents and requirements you need before applying for Sick Leave in the UAE.

Informing your employer:

  • Firstly, your employer should be notified immediately about the sickness and you should be making a request for leave in a bid to get well soon. You can do this by choosing to call, email, or see the person, depending on what your company

Obtaining a medical certificate:

  • After that, you should approach one of the health specialists authorized to practice in the UAE. Present a factual account of your health status and undergo a medical screening if considered a must. Thus, the doctor will enable you with a medical certification.

Submitting the documentation:

  • Before you can go and travel back for good, present the original medical certificate to your job as proof. Write down the diagnosis, present absence from work, and expected duration of sickness leave in simple language.

Some organizations may, additionally, demand the copy of additional papers, so known in advance any specific instructions, by your Human Resources Department. Do not forget to learn about how to calculate sick leave in UAE to avoid any problem in the process.

Final Words

sick leave in uae

Comprehending the sick leave in UAE is helpful for both employees an employers. A healthy, balanced, and effective workforce ensures that employers are certain while employees receive assistance throughout their health problems. Also, complying with the standards makes sure a smooth procedure.

Bear in mind details information like pay together with certification needs can differ depending upon the emirate together with specific work agreements. For more information, we suggest speaking with the Ministry of Human Resources plus Emiratisation or a legal expert.

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We hope this article was insightful and has helped you to know all about sick leaves in UAE. If you want to know about other topics, yo can go to our blog page now!


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