Salary Certificate In UAE

What Is a Salary Certificate In The UAE & What Is Its Format?

There are many needs or things that to be proven to maintain official records and uphold transparency. The same goes for salary certificate in UAE. They officially declare that employers work for the specific company.

For those who wondering what a salary certificate in UAE is or how to get a certificate online in UAE, dwell on it no longer. We have written this guide to tell you all about it.

What is Salary Certificate in UAE?

For people questioning what is salary certificate, the answer is quite simple. It is compulsory to have a salary certificate in UAE. It recognizes the employment of a worker. An employer issues it after printing it on the company’s letterhead. An employee has the full right to request one from their workplace. It outlines their work experience and salary too.

Benefits of Salary Certificate in UAE for Employee

Salary Certificate in UAE for Employee

Everything has its advantages. Something as mandatory as a salary certificate in UAE is bound to have many. Here are some of them:

  • Legal proceedings
  • Financial audits
  • Government benefits
  • Work permit applications
  • Credit card applications

Loan Applications

Banks require it to be shared when people apply for a loan. The certificate is evidence of income. It verifies the credit eligibility. With it, the money lender party configures whether the person qualifies for a loan or not. Applications for a loan are accepted or rejected based on the outcomes of what is shared in the document.

Visa Processing

The matters of visa processing are made easier with the certificate. It informs immigration authorities of your funds. It verifies that you will be able to live comfortably in the country. This helps greatly in applying for a visa or even renewing it.

Renting an Apartment

Real estate agents do not rent out apartments to just anyone. People need to show their salary certificate to get an apartment on rent. The document proves that the person is financially stable and can pay rent and any other costs involved on time.

Financial Transactions

Sometimes, account holders have to share their salary details with banks or financial institutions. This is common when financial transactions are happening. The bank needs to make sure there are no discrepancies. This is especially needed to make the flow of money more secure.

Proof of Employment

A major benefit is that it proves an employer’s claim to have worked for a particular company or business.

Who Issues a Salary Certificate?

An employer issues this document. The certificate is printed on the company’s letterhead. The seal and signature of the authorized person accompany it.

Key Elements of a Salary Certificate Format in UAE

Some prominent elements are a part of any format for the document.

Employee Information

The employment contract document will always consist of the details of the worker. It will include their date of birth, gender, address, and point of contact.

Company Information

It will have the details of the company. It will encompass the name of the company, the signature of the authorizing personnel, the date of issuance, and contact.

Employment Details

It will consist of joining date, position, and title.

Salary Breakdown

There will be further details of the employee’s salary broken down in the form of net and gross. It will also have details of any allowances and benefits. For example, house allowance, utilities, transportation — all of this will be included.

What is the Salary Certificate Format in UAE?

Basic information on it remains the same throughout. There might be slight variations from bank to bank as most of them follow their format. There is a certain piece of information that is mostly required by them all:

  1. Issuance Date
  2. Name of employee
  3. Gender of the employee
  4. Job position and title in the company
  5. Joining date of worker
  6. Gross salary
  7. Net salary
  8. Allowances if any
  9. Contact details of the HR official who signs the salary certificate

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How to Request a Salary Certificate in UAE

There are certain steps involved when it comes to requesting the official piece of document. This will respond to the queries of how to get a salary certificate in UAE.

  1. Determine your specific purpose to be requesting the certificate. Decide why you need it so you can move forward in the process of how to get a salary certificate. These might be one of the reasons and you will have to share it with your employer:
    • Processing of visa
    • Visa renewal
    • Rental agreements
    • Applying for a loan
  2. Get in touch with the HR Department. Inform the concerned authorities. Contact them according to your company’s requirements or protocols.
  3. Provide the necessary details
  4. Write the formal letter
  5. Submit your request letter

Sample Request Letter for a Salary Certificate in UAE

Now that you know how to request for salary certificate, it is time to start the procedure.

Things are convenient to pen down when there is a sample around. Below is a sample to help you out when you write down a request letter.

[Employee’s Name]


[City, ZIP]

[Contact Information]


[Name of recipient]

[Their designation]

[Name of company]

[Company Address]

[Address the recipient],

I am writing to request a salary certificate. The purpose of this is [share reason]. As an employee of [Name of Company], I request your assistance in matters of providing me with a salary certificate mentioning my job duration from [Date of Joining] to [Present].

To make the process of my request smoother, we have enclosed all the required information:

Full Name: [Employee Name]

Employee ID: [Your Employee ID]

Designation: [Your Job Profile]

Purpose: [Mention the reason]

If there are any other requirements, kindly inform me and I will fulfill them. I value your precious time and appreciation for your assistance in the whole process.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Name of Employee]

Final Words

RAAD Recruitment  is specialize in emiratisation recruitment, staff outsourcing and recruitment services in UAE. It covers all the importance of a salary certificate throughout. It is a resource for many significant tasks in the UAE. This makes it all the more necessary to have the answers to what is salary certificate in UAE, how to get salary certificate in UAE, and how to request for salary certificate.


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