Types of Leaves in UAE

Types of Leaves in UAE 2024: A One-Stop Guide for Employees

RAAD brings you a detailed guide about the different types of leaves in UAE. It will tell you about how many types of leaves in UAE there are. By going through this one-stop guide you will be able to understand all the leaves in UAE 2024 ranging from sick leave UAE to annual leaves in UAE.

The UAE has clear regulations for employment laws. These laws include even the types of leaves in UAE as well as how much pay the employee will receive when availing the leave.

Importance of understanding types of leaves for employees and employers

It is important to be informed on the types of leaves in UAE. This ensures that you are legally compliant. It also makes it certain that employees know their rights.

For Employees

By understanding the types of leaves in UAE, employees know their rights. They can make sure they receive accurate compensation. Knowing the types of leaves in UAE translates to getting the right salary accompanied with the relevant type of leave.

For Employers

Employers ensure they remain legally compliant with the UAE laws when they truly understand the importance of types of leaves in UAE.

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Types of Leave in the UAE

There are different types of leaves in UAE. Some of them are mandatory whereas some of them are optional.

Mandatory Leaves

Mandatory leaves are one of the main types of leaves in UAE. These include annual leaves, maternity leave, and sick leave in UAE.

Annual Leaves

According to the UAE laws, employees are eligible for 30 days of annual leave in UAE. The annual leaves in UAE are fully paid if the worker has completed one year at the organization.

For employees who have only completed six months, they are eligible for two days every month.

Sick Leaves

The employees in UAE can take up to 90 days of sick leave in a year. The sick leave in UAE is fully paid for the initial fifteen days. For the next 3 days, they will receive half payments. The remaining forty five days of sick leave will be unpaid.

The condition to avail sick leave UAE is to inform your employer within 3 working days of being sick. The worker will have to share medical documents in support to be eligible for their sick leave UAE.

Maternity Leaves

The female employees are entitled to maternity leave of 60 days. The first forty-five days of maternity leave will be fully paid. The next 15 days will qualify you for half the basic salary.

In cases of complications concerning childbirth, forty-five days of unpaid leave is offered. The employer may provide a paid leave for 30 days if the child is sick or suffers a disability. The option is available to extend this leave for the next 30 days. It would be unpaid leave.

New mothers are eligible for one or two daily additional breaks. This duration can go up to six months to breastfeed their child.

Parental Leaves

UAE’s Government has introduced parental leave in UAE. It has given UAE the status of being the first Arab country to announce parental leave for its employees.

The UAE laws have made parents of newborns eligible for a five day leave with full pay. This leave is to be availed within the first six months of childbirth.

Public Holidays

Employers are entitled to paid holidays on public holidays. These holidays include Eid Ul Fitr, Eid Ul Adha, and similar days.

Other leaves

There are other leaves too. These leaves are sometimes unpaid. This is also important to know the types of leaves in UAE for expats.

Hajj and Umrah Leaves

Hajj and Umrah are the most important events in the life of a Muslim. The private sector employees of UAE are eligible for a 30-days of Hajj leave. This leave is unpaid though.

Umrah leaves are also unpaid. They may be taken away from the annual leave otherwise.

Compassionate Leaves

Few things are inevitable in life. And feeling something deeply is what makes us human. In times of sorrow, empathy has a great mark.

Death of someone affects their close ones. The laws in the UAE provide the employees compassionate leaves. It is time for the workers to mourn their loved ones and arrange their burials.

When the death of a spouse occurs, the compassionate leave is five days. In case of death of a child, parent, sibling, or grandparent, the compassionate leave is of three days.

Study Leaves

Employees who have worked in an organization for at least two years can take study leave. The duration is ten working days per year. This way employees can attempt their exams in the UAE.

Sabbatical Leaves

Sabbatical leaves — similarly to annual leaves in UAE— are paid time off work. These leaves are different from annual leaves in the UAE.  Sabbatical leaves are not the types of leave in UAE for expats as only Emirati employees are eligible for it.

The purpose is to provide the employees with paid leaves for national service. The duration of national service ranges from 11 months to 3 years. The service is compulsory for males. It is optional for females. Employees will have to share proof to avail this leave. The proof may be obtained from the relevant authorities.

Importance of checking individual company leave policies for any variations

It is important to check the leave policies of individual companies. This helps you spot any variations among these.  Knowing the individual company policy assists you in advocating your rights better. This also helps out in receiving accurate compensation for your paid leaves.


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There are different types of leaves in the UAE. With a thorough understanding of the leaves in UAE 2024, employers and employees both remain legally compliant. Being informed on the leaves assists in knowing which leaves qualify for full pay and which leaves qualify for half pay. It also equips you with better rights and grounds for negotiations.

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